How Kesselgucken works - The old man and the roulette wheel

The numbers in the wheel are not arranged according to their known ascending order. Those who would like to include the order in the wheel in his bet can, however, set the numbers adjacent to the cylinder by means of so-called wheel games. This procedure is particularly recommended if physical conditions are to be exploited. This is the case, for example, in the wheels or throwing wheat play. For beginners, however, this type of betting use is rather irrelvant.

How does the wheel work? How can you learn this roulette technique? Is Kesselgucken also possible online?

Many game banks offer special actions on certain days to entice players to themselves. Sometimes, these actions are so good that players with excessive use can actually make good money. In the past, there was an action in a game bank where players only had to pay 2 euros of admission, but got a game jeton worth 5 euros. A finent player who passed by this game bank every day makes this action together with a friend to use. They put this 5 Euro Jeton in opposite numbers and secured the zero with a further piece. For example, they were able to earn a secure profit of five euros for their four euros.

How Kesselgucken works

Kesselgucken is not like Kesselgucken. If we are looking for a reliable strategy, we will quickly be disappointed, because there is no guidance on how the wheel is reliably happy, there are no pages on the Internet and people who claim that they could give a guarantee so that the strategy of the wheel can actually be successful, are generally to be evaluated as untrustworthy.

The litter player states that each croupier has its own individual and uniform throwing technique, so that-depending on the rotation-resp. The direction of the throwing-between the ejection of the ball relative to the turnstile and the compartment in which the ball comes to lie, is always approximately the same number of fields. Therefore, after the ball's throw, the player rapidly places the number and its neighbours in such a certain number.

This question is frequently asked. Even if systems and strategies do not like to be seen in the casinos, Kesselguckening per se is not forbidden at the tables. Kesselgucken will become-if they play professionally or work-not identified as such, but rather are considered as professional players and will be tolerated.

The audience is too old and too crunchy. Roulette and blackjack lose their appeal, 70% of their sales make the lucky companies today with automata. In addition, there is competition from the Internet: millions of people play roulette or poker on a daily basis at home, the servers of which are in Antigua or Gibraltar. In virtual poker alone, 180 million dollars are being gambled every day.

If you stand up and leave the table with the chips with which you have played at the table, they will lose their value as a rule. Therefore, make sure that you exchange the jetons directly at the table in standard bets for the casino. In case of doubt, you can ask the croupier. And if you don't want to pay attention to all these rules, you can still play online.

So it turns out that there is no system with safe forecasts, although many systems can be very interesting and in some cases can also be very high-cost. This yield can, however, be incurred in a normal game, however, at random.

Set the case that, in spite of the more difficult conditions, the wheel-look Roulette should make a profit, make sure not to play too much at the same casino. The house right allows the game banks to refer "unwanted players" of the house and to pronounce a game ban. Finally, with the wheel, you put the most important basic pillar, namely equal opportunities for all players, to the test.

One of the most common mistakes in roulette is confidence in the Martingale strategy. It is probably the best known roulette system and already since the 18. Century. In it, players double the bet at a loss.

Can you learn the Kesselgucken?

Can you learn the Kesselgucken? If one asks the probably most famous US Kesselgucken Christian Kaisan, this will probably answer with a "Jein". On the one hand, he himself is the best example of the fact that one can do it, but on the other hand he advises those interested in wanting to learn Kesselgucken. Anyone who wants to observe Kaisan at work can look at the ZDF reportage about him here.

But not only the technical changes in the casinos make the Kesselgucken at roulette increasingly difficult. In addition, fewer and fewer casinos have made such a fall. They can, without giving reasons, grant domestic bans at the end of the day. If they expose someone as a (successful) Kesselgucken, such a reaction is likely.

The free Roulette win calculator allows the player to calculate his chances of winning at various betting positions. In addition, important roulette terms are taught. -A good help to set the optimal bet and keep track of chances, especially if you make multiple bets at the same time, or use multiple systems.

Is it even worthwhile to deal with the Kesselgucken? Gambling is always designed to win the bank. It is only by exploiting a system error or a vulnerability that has not been considered by the casinos that money can be won. However, if the casinos know about the weak point, then the knowledge is usually nothing more than worth. However, you can still find older tables here and there, which are suitable for Kesselgucken.

Learn Roulette wheel watch-how do I get to the Kesselgucken?

How nice would it be if there was simply a "Kesselgucken guide", with which everyone could train themselves to the wheel watcher. But it's not that easy. As a result, only 40 to 50 Kesselguckens worldwide dominate this art in perfection. An outstanding judgment in combination with the ability of maximum reaction speed under pressure is the prerequisite for long-term success.

Theoretically, everyone can learn the wheel-although it also takes a lot of time and it is a long way with a variety of dry-drills. In practice, however, it does not make much sense, because the speeds for turnstile, wheels, etc. are getting higher in the casinos. This is why not only the technical changes and changes in the casinos, but also the fact that more and more casinos have not been able to please the players of the players and give out any kind of house bans after they have been unmasonred. Casinos also prevent the Kesselgucken with more and more low table limits or the croupier often also makes the cancellation so early that it is difficult to predict where the ball will fall.

The wheel is not a roulette strategy. Kesselgucken will take advantage of the physical aspects of roulette and try to calculate from the throwing strength of the croupier or the average ball length, where the ball comes to lie. Of course, the wheel does not work in automatic online roulette, but only in the real game bench or at the live roulette in the online casino.

With "Place your bets!", "Faites vos jeux!" or "Make your game!", the Croupiers or Dealers will show that the table is released for betting. Normally, this period is very limited and is limited to about one minute. This helps the croupier to keep an overview and of course you can think of the whole game about which field you want to place your trust in the next round.

Litter game

Kesselgucken, of course, is a thorn in the side of the casinos, because no casino likes players who beat the house. Over the last few decades, however, technical changes in the game have been introduced which affect the effectiveness of the wheel.

Also this tactic plays with the theory, by using as many numbers as possible to cover many odds and so theoretically all 4 rounds to score a hit.

If the player knows where the ball is released and what initial speed it has, he can predict in which number range of the roulette wheel the ball will eventually land. The ball leaves its outer track every time at the same speed. Everything else takes over the gravity and the ball rolls down the angled path until it enters the area with the numbered compartments.

Find out that you will probably never achieve perfection in the wheel. Here, too, you can rely on a quote from Christian Kaisan, who described his skills in Kesselguckening as a "two-thirds skill, one feeling". And you should not underestimate that: feeling for the time, the running behaviour of the ball, the force of the croupiers, this feeling is absolutely part of the roulette tank cuff.

The Shotwell System is, unlike almost all of the other strategies presented here, a tactic that has nothing to do with deployment progressions. Rather, it is a matter of securing a profit with a theoretical consideration and betting on a total of 10 figures.

The Kesselgucken is not a system, but rather the ability and ability of certain people to determine the next winning position by observing the runway progressions. For this it is certainly necessary to have a thorough and years-long training, coupled with the ability to assess things like the behavior of the ball in the wheel, the type of the dealer and his exertion of force the ball, the inclination of the wheel or other irregularities, emotionally and quickly. Even small things like the more or less cremated fingers of the croupier can influence the result. This is only possible in land-based casinos where one has the wheel physically in front of you.

At the beginning there is a mere observation when watching the wheel. Put yourself at a casino table, watch the ball and the wheel when turning, pattern the groupier and its behavior very closely. Sometimes it creams the hands, an enormously important factor, another time he or she changes the pressure on the wheel and cylinder and not seldom the ball is repeatedly thrown at different intensity again.

Shotwell is one of the Roulett tricks that are not based on the betting height. It is a theory which, with 10 figures, tries to create a betting situation in which each fourth round would have to win, as it is set at 27% of the figures. For games with only one zero, the opportunity distribution is slightly cheaper.