New gambling-state contract: online casinos in future legal

Online casinos have so far been banned in USA: with a new gambling state contract, black market, gambling addiction and tax outages are to be minimized.

He runs great games, which have become incredibly popular among US players.

Cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the gambling industry, as many online platforms accept them. Due to deposits, payouts and gameplay in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, many players enjoy and prefer these transactions due to security and anonymity.

If we take all the points mentioned in the previous section together, this will give you some decisive advantages for you players. These are the biggest strengths of new casinos 2021 on the Internet:

In order for the online casino providers to be unable to manipulate, there are 2 independent audit authorities, which test the slot machines. These are eCOGRA and iTech Labs.

If a new online casino appears for the US market, your first source of information should always be our expert team of sites. We are always well informed when new gambling providers are coming to the market for USA and analyse them and their background immediately. This way you can find out the quickest and exclusive here on site, whether a new casino is trustworthy and whether the registration is worth it or if you prefer to let the fingers of this provider.

New Casino: How do I start the search?

If you are looking for new online casinos in 2021, they usually have their own selection criteria for a potentially new platform of trust. Not every online casino is also relevant to every player. The one likes high payout rates, the other wants to gamble on graphically outstanding video slots, the other in turn wants to only poke at the live casino. For this reason, we have decided to split this overview page into different subcategories for you, so that you can search for yourself the category that is most common to you.

As good as all new online casinos have a mobile version, as most gamers nowadays gamble on a mobile device. Here you should take care that the navigation is catchable and you can log out of the casino as quickly as possible.

If you are a US-speaking player who would like to be persuaded by a new Online Casino 2021 with a proper, US version, it is clear. Long past are the days in which online casinos were still reasonably expected to be half-hearted and only partially translated. We from Site have conducted our research with the necessary eye to detail and present to you in our overview exclusively game platforms, which have their software completely translated into US.

As part of an online study, we asked 1,000 USs, aged 18-40 years, to determine which criteria they place in choosing a new online casino. The prerequisites for taking part in the study were experiences with online gambling and the exclusion of gambling addiction.

Playing in the online casinos as well as on the mobile devices will continue to be announced in the next year. Technological advances make for more and more recent and more exciting casino games. This is where the innovative slots have the largest share. It is clearly evident that the Gambling market is growing and that modern online slots contribute to a noticeable part of it. According to research results from US market researchers, the gambling market in 2025 will be already 100 billion US dollars hard. This presupposedly requires an annual growth of 11.5%, which is, however, extremely realistic.

The visit to the online casino is to always be fun and serve the pure entertainment. In order to keep up with this, we have put together a few important tips on the topic of responsible play for you, which we take very seriously:

What works with the bonus balance without deposit, which works naturally also with free play. So it is by no means a fake when a casino welcomes its players with free games without deposit. For example, a suitable offer is available at the 777 Casino, where all 77 free games will be credited without any prior deposit.

New Casino Apps and Mobile Version

Nowadays, mobile devices are increasingly popular among the players. There is a lot of competition and the new casinos have to offer first-class mobile apps. What should a mobile version or app of the new casinos look like? First and foremost, this must work lightning fast and be practical for players. I am sure that badly created websites and apps only annoy you. This is an important point in my test.

Here you can talk about current topics about slots, roulette, or blackjack. News about casino games, tips on how to implement bonuses or problems in paying out-at the Site Casino Forum, you can discuss everything. Register now for free, become part of the most honest casino community and actively participate in the best casino forum!

Also Virtual Reality is currently an issue at the top of the software developers ' agenda. Thanks to the now affordable VR headsets, the game experience is once again catapulted to a whole new level.

Requirements during the transition period

The 16 US federal states have created a transitional rule book for online casinos until 2021, which, for example, means that the legal prosecution of currently active online gambling service providers is suspended. The prerequisite for this is, however, that all measures relating to the protection of the players, which have been laid down in the new gambling state contract, will also be implemented. In addition, the offer of gambling services must be limited to the legal measure agreed in the amended gambling state contract.

After you have registered in a casino, you will receive a lot of free games and bonuses. These are, of course, welcome, but only a short-term gain. In the long term you will, of course, wish for further profits that go hand in hand. In this sense, you should bear in mind that there may be rewards and loyalty programs there. They often run under different names (VIP programs, loyalty programs, reward systems, point systems), but they all run on the same thing: to be rewarded with offers by consistently playing in a casino. Do these loyalty programs pay off? Do they only offer free games from and to, or do they also offer free vacations, birthday bonuses and dedicated customer advisors? Each casino is different, some reward one not even for its fidelity booooo. Apart from supersecret VIP rewards, the casinos usually show how high your loyalty rewards are. Just visit their offer pages to check them out.

At the beginning, I had already explained to you that new online casinos can be of interest to new customers, as they have to stand out from established competitors. From my point of view, it is above all three big advantages that you can draw from new providers in 2021:

When you search for new casino sites, it's always a good idea to find out all about the exciting promotions and casino bonus. In general, if the bonuses are higher, then you have more money to play with it. It is often a mixture available, with a bonus without deposit right after registration so you can try the casino.

You always wanted to know where to find new casinos or what you should be aware of when playing them? Read on, as we have summarized important questions for you and their answers.

Customer Service

The Simple Casino is about letting you get started immediately. It doesn't need a long registration, everything is wonderfully simple and smart built.

Trustworthiness is definitely one of the biggest resources for an online casino. It is the absolute priority number 1 when it comes to the safety of the player. It's not always so easy to see if an online casino is absolutely serious or not. But there are definitely signs that will show you this and give you an indication of that.

Free games are universally popular with all slot enthusiasts, and for good reason. Essentially, they let you spin some of the most popular slots on the Internet without having to use your own money. Free games have been around for many years.

We are particularly excited about how the live casinos continue. The combination of online casino and real game bank has done it to many customers. Better graphics, communication possibilities with dealers and co-players, additional functions and possible applications are the points we are expecting here.

Can you expect immediate payouts?

The player's protection is to be determined that a gambling addiction is restricted or even not created at all. The medical term is called "pathological gambling" (DSM-5) and is classified as a behavioral addiction.

As you know, the Internet knows no boundaries, which has the pleasing effect that you can virtually reach from anywhere in the world. Everyone, but not all. Whether you can register with a new online casino or not, depends on the legislation in the respective countries in which the guests or customers are staying.

A particularly popular casino bonus is, of course, the welcome bonus. Under this umbrella term, a whole series of different bonuses conceals:

➕ What do I need to be aware of at new online casinos?

Another todproof tip from us is that social media games will find much more fans. Even now, Facebook and Co are being gambled, even if it's only about gambling money. Facebook has, however, announced its own cryptocurrency. Whether it can be used for casino games as well? In any case, we are paying special attention to what is happening.

On site there is more to discover than your next online casino. In our news, we introduce you to new releases and casinos, and discover slots on current topics.