New Online Casinos 2021

In the fast-growing world of gambling, new casinos are now opening their virtual doors in USA every week. So you will find a wide range of services.

A serious casino should be licensed in the EU, checked regularly by independent organisations, games of well-known manufacturers will have in the program, and will also allow you to pay with credit card. If you pay with Visa or MasterCard, you are protected from fraudulent providers thanks to card insurance.

In addition to the insights we have already given you, are there any further tips and tricks if you decide to join a casino in 2021? There are some additional things you can do, some things that give you the upper hand while playing, or you can even bring in some additional offers:

In our top list of the new online casinos 2021, you will find our recommendations including the latest welcome offers as well as promo codes and real money bonus, if offered. We provide you with a clear overview of how the welcome bonus is made up in percentage and euro amounts and should be a promo code available, so you can also discover this color highlighted very well and quickly in our overview. In addition, our recommendations are constantly updated and, thanks to our insider knowledge, also updated immediately, there should be a new casino offer or a real money bonus from the new online casinos in 2021.

You should look at a new online casino first, whether it has one or more European licenses. This will be evaluated and controlled according to strict standards. This license guarantees you a safe gaming environment.

We hope to have you put into the spell with our features, just make yourself a picture and become a member of our online casino community for free. With more than 19,000 members, you will find the most active US-language forum on the topic of online casinos, whose members will help you with advice and deed!

Instructions: Find the latest casinos and decide for the best

With my Casino list, I'd like to help you select the latest and best casinos for you. Since there is still a huge offer, I would like to give you a few tips on how to get step by step to your game or bonus.

On site, we would like to help you find your way through the iGaming World and make informed decisions based on the latest information. Finally, you spend your hard-earned money at these casinos.

A fairly large and well-known company is Mercury. The Mercury games have been created by smart developers, who have made the brand grow into a real size with their games.

Another small trend that can easily be overlooked: virtual reality. In many new television sets, the VR glasses are already integrated as standard. And online casinos are also aware of the benefits of virtual reality. Live Casino atmosphere is a great way to transport yourself through virtual reality games.

It is above all new online casinos that meet the state requirements all around. In fact, these were not established in the time of the grey area, when there were no clear legislation regarding online casinos. That is why such casinos have dealt with the common standards and requirements in detail and are working in accordance with the law. However, it is important to have a comprehensive provider comparison before selecting an online casinos. Which criteria are especially taken into account in this respect is left to everyone and to everyone themselves. However, the seriousness of the offer and the data protection are particularly important.

You can't imagine today's new online casino if you couldn't play in this one with a smartphone. In any new casino, you will find the apps you want to download in the casino. It's also not important which operating system your smartphone has. In addition to the devices with Android, you can also use these with iOS for the Book of ra Online game in new online casinos. It's very convenient, since you could play at the casino every minute if you wish. With many new casinos, you will also get the bonus for playing with the mobile device at the casino. You also have to say that you don't even notice any differences, whether you are going to play with the computer or with your smartphone into new online casinos. The graphics in the best new online casinos just looks perfect. The modern smartphones are supposed to have only the good internet connection for the game in the casino. They were able to make the first win in every minute with their smartphone in the casino.

Upload your winning videos

Since we are real players ourselves, we regularly publish our best real-money winning videos. You can sort, rate, and comment on the videos after the highest wins. You can continue to participate and upload your own real money sessions from online casinos after you have created a free account.

From the multitude of virtual game halls we have chosen the best for you. In our list of online casino test winners, you will find the providers who have been able to convince on all points. This includes security, game selection and payout rates.

Currently published casino sites can be found either through our own research on the Internet or here at our site. We produce test reports on all new US online casinos only a few weeks after they have been published.

For you as a player, the question arises again and again whether it is worthwhile for you personally to register in a new real money casino. In a new internet casino, there may be the slot machines that you have been missing for a long time in their old virtual game hall. Or the new online casinos offer you a better overall package of online casino bonus and game offer. There are many reasons to try something new. Every online casino has started to be small and you may find the perfect environment at the new online casinos, in order to be able to follow your personal passion in the best manner.

Casino games-always something new!

Of course, a lot will change at the casino games as well. Always better graphics, animations in film quality or in 3D, innovations in the way of playing and the additional functions-the software developers are no limits here.

It is now clear that the boom around the online casinos will not break down. However, the question remains as to how the US government will act in the future. The discussions about their own gambling licenses last. A proper and meaningful regulation still seems to be far away.

One of the main reasons why players opt for an online casino is in the bonuses offered. Let's be honest, we all love the idea of getting something for nothing, and that certainly applies to casino promotions.

Who wants to buy a real Rolex, is hardly ever going to a Chinese market, is it? And the same principle can also be applied in the eclectic and action-packed online casino world. The truth is that the safest playing pages with the best payouts also have the weight of a brand name behind them, and if no one else knows anything about this provider, then you shouldn't just go over his hard-earned money over! But, of course, we all know what can happen if a brand becomes too big for your own shoes.

Bonus and free games at new casinos 2021

Great welcome bonuses will no longer dominate the market for new online casinos 2021 as much as before. A big bonus on its own is simply no longer so tempting for many players. We believe that great bonus conditions will be put into focus -- with low sales conditions, deposit-free, and even sales-free bonus offers.

As with any new company and any new casino, there is always the risk that the company can go into bankruptcy or not work in the long run. That's very stressful, of course, if you have a lot of money on his casino account. But don't worry, you won't lose this money. The player's money will be paid into a separate account. This account does not have anything to do with the website of the new online casino.

One of the most important things that all casinos should have is a good customer service, and you should pay attention to it when you decide to play a casino. First, you should check the opening times of the support department of your casino. Many casinos are around the clock with their support team around the clock, others possibly just a few hours a day. You should also check to see if all customer service functions are available around the clock, and not just the email address. Not a few casinos claim to be available around the clock, although in reality only their email is operated around the clock. This brings us to the second most important point that we need to pay attention to: what functions do they have?

As the latest casino adviser in USA, we are committed to regularly adding new casino sites.

The top recommendations on our list of new online casinos are brands that have been launched on the market in the past two years. Furthermore, these casinos are regulated in accordance with the rules and regulations in your region. Site will only show you casinos with valid licenses for your country, in case you live in a country with strict guidelines for gambling.

All long-standing brands already have their own permanent audience and are not trying to lure new customers with stunning promotions. While new casinos offer increased welcome bonuses and better bonus conditions, free offers, increased payout simits, and much more. In order to stand out from conservative competition, new casinos are convincing with innovative designs and mobile applications. Most of the time, new casinos hold the record for payment speed. Some of them are trying to pay the players their fair profits within 24 hours or less after the request. Another trend among young casinos is to register via social networks.